Sound Designer
Anthony Dennis

Anthony was nominated for the Best Original Music Award at the 2019 Oregon Short Film Festival for his score to Katie! Click Here for information about the featured films and award nominations at the festivalClick Here For Film

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Anthony Dennis, 25, graduated from Oberlin College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Composition for Film. He has attended prestigious film scoring workshops, completed a senior Capstone project at Oberlin on how film music affects us, completed a course through Berklee Online about writing and implementing video game music, and is currently at work on a cinematic symphonic rock album.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Gameplay (Rescore)
I rescored this gameplay clip as a part of the Interactive Scoring for Games course through Berklee Online in the Winter 2021 Term. To emulate how our music would work in the game, we used the game development flagship software, Unity, and one of the standard video game music implementation softwares, Wwise. To produce the music for this video, I interacted with this Unity world which played back the music as generated in Wwise. Due to the unusual nature of the Unity world (see this link for the gameplay with the Unity project in the corner for reference), some of the timings are a bit off. That being said, producing the music in this manner, and setting up both the Unity project, the Wwise project helped teach me a lot about how my music would work in games.
Cooking Fever Gameplay (SFX)
I designed new sound effects for this gameplay clip from Cooking Fever as a part of the Introduction to Game Audio course through Berklee Online. The music is not mine, but the professor's as this was her original project. The music is low in the mix so that you can hear my sfx more clearly.
Tetris Gameplay (Music and SFX)
I scored this version of Tetris in Unity as a part of the Interactive Scoring for Games course through Berklee Online. I wrote music for the main menu, stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, and sound designed stingers for game events such as flip shape, move shape, and round won. See this link for the full gameplay clip with my music and sfx.
Amuse Me! Gameplay (Music and SFX)
The final project for the Introduction to Game Audio course through Berklee Online was to build a game of any theme of our choosing in Unity and FMOD starting with the sample project the professor uploaded. I decided to make Amuse Me!, a game in which the player (the ball) is at an amusement park. I created all the sounds, music and sfx, with samples, synths, and sounds that I recorded myself.
I Am A Banana (original score)
Sunshine Yang is the film's director. I am the composer. I Am A Banana tells the stories of how two Asian-Americans who moved from Asia to America at young ages deal with the cultural differences that come about from that move
Shirin Saghaie is the film's director. I am the composer. Katie is about a mother trying to make her daughter's birthday the best that it can be, despite financial difficulties. To watch the film, please Click Here For Video.
Westworld S3E5, "Genre,"
Car Chase Scene (Rescore)
I rescored this scene as a part of the 2020 Spitfire Westworld Competition. Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan are the directors, and Ramin Djawadi is the original composer. Westworld is a futuristic HBO show about host robots from a world created by humans for humans to escape the monotony of every day life in a spaghetti Western environment who develop human-like emotions, dreams, and aspirations, which collide with the realization that they are not human but hosts in this escapist world.
Danny and the Wild Bunch
I rescored this film as a part of the 8th Annual Zurich Film Festival. Robert Rugan is the writer and director, and Brooks Ball is the original composer. Danny and the Wild Bunch is a live action film combined with animated characters about a children's book author who, in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience, makes the story she's currently working on darker. That proves to be a poor choice on her end.
This is the music from my rescore of the main title scene in the comedy-drama film "Man About Town." Ben Affleck plays a Hollywood talent agent who starts taking a self-help course, because his wife cheats on him. For the course, he must keep a diary, which falls into the hands of a journalist who threatens to bring him down. Mike Binder is the director, and Larry Groupé is the original composer. At the 2017 Palomar Film Music Workshop, cofounded by Larry and Roger Neill, and featuring guest faculty Garry Schyman, George S. Clinton, and numerous others, I scored this scene. My score was recorded at Studio West, with Jason LaRocca as the audio engineer. This workshop was an incredible experience that will stay with me forever. Click Here for more information on the workshop. To watch the scene with my score, please Click Here For Video. password: manabouttownADM
This is the music from my rescore for the short animated film "The Oceanmaker." After a worldwide drought, a determined pilot fights sky pirates as a last hope to secure the final cloud, and with it, the final water source on the planet. Lucas Martell is the director, and Chris Reyman is the original composer. I scored it as a part of the 2017 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest. To watch the film with my score, please Click Here For Video. password: theoceanmakerADM