Danny and the Wild Bunch Clip (Music)
I rescored this film as a part of the 8th Annual Zurich Film Festival. Robert Rugan is the writer and director, and Brooks Ball is the original composer. Danny and the Wild Bunch is a live action film combined with animated characters about a children's book author who, in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience, makes the story she's currently working on darker. That proves to be a poor choice on her end.
Luigi's Mansion 3 Gameplay Clip (Music and SFX)
I rescored this Luigi's Mansion 3 gameplay clip and replaced its sound effects as a part of the Interactive Scoring for Games course through Berklee Online in the Winter 2021 Term. 
Nightmares Game - Wizard Version (Music and SFX)
I worked as the audio director for the wizard version of the Nightmares Unity game as a part of the Game Audio Production with Wwise course through Berklee Online in the Winter 2022 Term.