Technical Sound Designer at Wilmer Sound

Sound Design Demo Reel

      In the first video, gameplay from the wizard version of Nightmares that I worked on in the Game Audio Production with Wwise course through Berklee Online, I designed sounds for the ambience, the player’s wand cast, enemy hurt and death, player hurt and death, and I also designed 3D sounds for objects in the game space such as a clock, a toy firetruck, the stools, and toy hearses.
      For the second video, gameplay from Cooking Fever that I worked on in the Introduction to Game Audio course through Berklee Online , I designed all the user interface sound effects, such as the player making a general selection, cycling through options, adjusting the volume, and making a kitchen upgrade.
      For the third video, gameplay from The Last of Us that I worked on in the Introduction to Game Audio course through Berklee Online, I designed sounds for the ambience outside, his footsteps on various terrains and materials, and his backpack.

Cover Letter

       My goal as a technical sound designer is to sculpt the perfect sonic space in terms of sound effects, music, and dialogue that matches the directors’ and team’s vision. I am especially driven to ensure that all audio is implemented to the greatest of possibilities while always optimizing accordingly. I studied film scoring at Oberlin College and just completed the Game Audio Design and Production Professional Certificate through Berklee College of Music’s Online Program, which trained me in sound design, music, and implementation for games.
      In the game audio certificate through Berklee Online, I took on all the responsibilities of this position. For the version of Nightmares in my demo reel, I implemented, edited, designed, recorded, and mixed all the audio. Because of my burning desire to expand my knowledge and skills, I learned as much about Wwise and Unity as I could to help further innovate my work. I also shared what I learned with my colleagues. For example, I learned how to implement a lot of sound effects for objects in the Unity game space as positional. I have started learning how to script in Python and will soon begin learning C#, JavaScript, and other coding languages. For the music, I ensured that the transitions felt smooth and made all the music tracks feel like they were one continuous track. I did receive feedback from the professor and my colleagues in the course while working on my audio for the game, but it never felt major. I was at the reigns as audio director for my work on the game. I could similarly drive technical sound design projects from beginning to end with little direction effectively.
      I would be a perfect fit for Wilmer Sound's team as I have done work in line with this job’s responsibilities, possess the job’s qualifications, enjoy the work of your clients such as Hi-Rez Studios, Survios, and Netflix, and highly admire Sae and Alex’s original dream when they founded the company of prioritizing quality and collaboration!
      I would enjoy having the opportunity to work with the Wilmer Sound team!